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rocksalt_rogues's Journal

Midnight hunters - A Dean/Jo/Sam community
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The Dean/Jo/Sam Community

Welcome to the community dedicated to the Supernatural trio, composed of Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester and Jo Harvelle! This community was created for people who enjoy the dynamic between these three people, whether they enjoy it on a romantic or platonic basis.


+ We allow anything you got (artwork, writing, vids), as long as posts are related to Dean/Sam/Jo or Jensen/Jared/Alona. Not Dean/Jo, not Dean/Sam, not Sam/Jo. There are already several communities that cover those pairings. All three characters must feature in the post.

+ Spoilers may be related to only one of the character and icons can focus on two characters only (don't abuse of the cross posting though). Those are the only two exceptions.

+ Don't tag the entries. We'll do it.

+ Any posts containing a fanfic, an icon post of more than 3/4 icons, large images or anything containing spoilers for unaired episodes or episodes that have only just aired need a LJ-cut!

+ When posting fics please make sure your rating/warning is clearly stated. The fic has to feature the trio, directly or undirectly. If your story focus on a particular pairing and only mentions the third character, it is not enough. Some exceptions can be made if the missing third part has a major impact on the whole story.

+ NO FLAMING and NO HATERS. This community is for people who enjoy the dynamic between the trio. If you hate it, go rant elsewhere. If you cause any drama, you will be banned and your comments deleted. And if you have a problem with something in the community, email the mods. Some people are bound to prefer Dean/Jo, some Dean/Sam, some Sam/Jo so be respectuous of each other's opinions.


This community was created by dyinganthem and snoopoony.
If you need to contact us, here are our emails:
dyinganthem (Amy): smartaleck494x@yahoo.com
The layout of the community was made by mercscilla at street_of_mercy
The header was made by dyinganthem

We'd also like to remind that there's an on going petition to ensure that Jo will be back on Supernatural. While the main site is a shipper Dean and Jo site, the petition centers around Jo and not a ship, so if you're not a Dean/Jo fan, don't squint too hard. The petition is worth being signed ;-)

Bring Jo back